This week for “Getting to Know Us”, I spoke with Mimi Salviato, Key Account Tactical Manager, and mother-to-be!

Explain your job as you would to a 5-year-old:

I buy the space for the commercials that you see on TV and hear on the radio.

Why Your Role and why @ Active?

Being at Active for seven years now I can say that I thoroughly enjoy the execution of the plans I work on.  Active allows us to creatively strategize each situation and customize each execution around our clients’ needs.  It’s something new every day.

Most memorable moment at Active so far?

My most memorable moment would have to be our international media conference.  Being an international company, the conference allowed us to explore and learn about all the ways media is purchased around the world.  Having our media colleagues from all 16 international offices was so educational and a lot of fun.  Meeting new people and being able to learn from those brilliant minds was an experience I will never forget.

Tell us about your charitable cause of choice and the last thing you did to support it?

My charitable cause of choice if NABS.  NABS is a charity the supports the marketing, advertising and communications industries. It provides an open door to anyone, from a media assistant to a CEO, that may need help getting through tough times emotionally, financially or professionally.  I volunteered to be the NABS ambassador here at Active and we just currently participated in the NABS HOUR event.

If you weren’t in your current career you would probably be ……

… A world traveler haha!  I would make a profession out of travelling the world, seeing the many magnificent places, and writing about it on the web to provide the next travelers to those destinations a little insight on what to expect.

Adjective your family would use to best describe you?


Adjective your Customers would use to best describe you?


Adjective your best friend would use to best describe you?


Biggest Trend Impacting Your Area of the Business To Date?

The biggest trend in my area would be online programming and PVRs.  We negotiate, purchase, and strategically place our clients’ ads to ensure they get seen by the demographic they are targeting. When viewers PVR their favourite shows, they can skip through the commercials. When they stream the program online, the ads you  placed with the stations do not appear.  With the increase in these two modes of TV viewership in the years to come, it will be interesting to see how how the broadcast industry adapts. Just for example, in a recent study 44% of students claim that they mainly watch their television on the web, and up to 12% will record their shows and watch them at a later time.

What’s the most innovative thing you’ve seen a customer do to unlock value from their assets?

A client used their credits to purchase  SuperBowl spots.  Our client took an asset that was completely under-performing and used it to place an ad in an event that over-performs!  Our client saw huge value in that!!!

Favourite Ad of all time?

That would have to be the Ally Bank commercial where the girl is asked whether she wants a pony….the man gives her a plastic toy pony but then gives the other girl a real pony.  The little girl says “you didn’t say I could have a real pony” and the man replies “ well you didn’t ask”. The commercial was about banks withholding information. It was hilarious!!!