In our newest segment of “Getting to Know Us”, I spoke with the wonderful Amy Wolchock, Key Account Team Leader.

Explain your job as you would to a 5-year-old:

I work with a talented, dedicated and passionate group of people that make it fun to come to work; similar to going to school and being with your friends!  My job is multi-faceted, but the easiest part to explain to a 5 year old is that I place television and radio commercials on stations for you to see and hear.  It is much like putting a puzzle together and trying to fit all the pieces in the right place to create a beautiful picture.

Why Your Role and why @ Active?

Through hard work and dedication, I was promoted to Key Account Team Leader.  Every day is an adventure which keeps things interesting and exciting.  I enjoy the everyday challenges and successes which enriches my time here.

Most memorable moment at Active so far?

Our team building event in Niagara Falls with our New York office and Toronto office.

Tell us about your charitable cause of choice and the last thing you did to support it?

I have most recently made contributions to the Heart Association and the Cancer Care Society, both of which are important causes to my family and I.

If you weren’t in your current career you would probably be ……

… a lawyer.  I like to analyze issues from all sides, present my case, and form my own opinion.

Adjective your family would use to best describe you?


Adjective your Customers would use to best describe you?


Adjective your best friend would use to best describe you?


Biggest Trend Impacting Your Area of the Business To Date?

The digital and mobile landscape is constantly changing and advancing. In response, we must constantly educate ourselves and our clients on the newest tools and assets available and how Active can provide more value and innovation to our clients’ advertising campaigns.

What’s the most innovative thing you’ve seen a customer do to unlock value from their assets?

One of our customers had to find a solution to a laundry detergent disc that would not dissolve in water. The disc was compressed to the point that it failed to dissolve and clumped in the wash.  Active’s remarketing team worked with the customer to have the discs ground up to a powder and had it relabeled into 5 gallon tubs to sell under private label so as to not compete in the market with their current products. The idea was ingenious and brought value to our customer.

Favourite Ad of all time?

The Back To School Staples ad where the dad is dancing down the aisles in the anticipation of school starting.