“A Night to Network and Grow” an Active sponsored Event

When Sean Patterson and I first arrived at Active International we were given three main tasks. First, helping to gather information for the sales team; second helping with marketing and social media efforts; and third, preparing a networking event for Wilfrid Laurier University’s School of Business and Economics.

Sean and I were excited to start planning for the Laurier event. As we continued to define what we wanted to accomplish we came across an objective that both Active and us as planners  wanted to achieve. The objective was to give back to the business community by supporting growth, career development and networking for the School of Business co-op program.

From late May/early June we organized everything from the venue to name tags and everything in between.

In developing this event we had a number of goals to accomplish. One of the most important was creating value for everyone involved. We wanted employers, students and Laurier as a whole to gain value, whether through the business connections made or simply from the experience itself.

The event was held at Real Sports Bar in Downtown Toronto. The guests began to pour in around 7pm and the night was underway. The first portion of the event was a speaker session, where five very different speakers shared information about their businesses. We heard from Active’s own Andrew Bulmer followed by great speeches from Fidelity Investments, General Mills, Satov Consultants and ONCAP. All parties showcased impressive talking points – highlighting different sides of the business world, explaining unique aspects of their company and detailing their own individual career path. What I found of particular interest were the honest and personal stories of each speaker’s career path.  For the second part of the event Barrick Gold and Toronto Dominion Bank joined the other speakers as we opened the floor, allowing students and employers to mingle, gain connections and enjoy a good time.

All employer representatives were pleasantly engaged in professional and upbeat conversations for the entire evening. As guests started to leave, the impression was that people were getting the information they wanted and, more importantly, the face time they needed to get their names out there.

It took a lot of time to plan and was a great deal of work, but seeing everyone having a good time and made all of the preparation and effort well worth it.

Ryan McGillivray