Ads tailored to you

As technology continues to move forward the devices we take for granted are becoming more and more complex, consist of greater capabilities and seem to be rapidly meshing platforms together. This trend seems to be continuing as recently Datalogix, a quickly growing digital marketing company launched a new product intended to target ads to people online based on the shows they watch on their Television. The revolutionary new product uses a well-crafted partnership with TRA which holds TV viewing data taken from over 4 million cable boxes throughout US homes. In its simplest form, they will be marrying the data acquired from TV viewing households with a massive online information database amassed from the implementation of over 50 million cookies. Essentially, it sounds like a very data-backed version of the increasingly common Digital/TV integration campaigns.  As part of the corporate trade model, we enable our customers to leverage their Trade Credits  to purchase media. Naturally, technology pioneered by companies like Datalogix has the potential to change the way agencies plan media and, as a result, the way Active buys media. With a wealth of experience purchasing integration campaigns,  the Active media team is excited by any new targeting opportunities on the horizon.

Freight Prices Rising

Previously in  The Corporate Trade Industry Report we discussed the rise in oil prices and the affect it’s had across industries –  largely affecting businesses through their overseas, air and ground shipping and freight costs.  Companies like FedEx and UPS have increased their rates recently and this will hurt not only heavy import/export companies but all companies who have large distribution systems and rely on these shipping services to do business. With an increasingly globalized business environment these costs are becoming more and more detrimental to companies, causing many to cut back in other core areas of the business.  It’s no wonder why Corporate trade is becoming increasingly popular, as companies can lower their cash outlay on essential expenses such as freight, by using distressed inventory to pay for a portion of the cost.