I sat down with the multi-talented Key Account Team Leader, Eero Dominick, to garner a little insight into the Canadian broadcast guru….

Explain your job as you would to a 5-year-old:

I work with an extremely talented media buying team, coordinating the execution of our clients’ media plans between our buying group, our clients, and their AORs. I help to ensure that everybody’s vision is being realized to the best of our abilities.  When explaining to my kids, I usually tell them that our team trades things like electronics, travel, or other services for commercial ad time and space.  

My role is to work with the buying team and agencies to make sure that everyone is getting the best value for their dollars and credits.  This is usually the point where they ask if I know Phineas and Ferb, Scooby-Doo, or Caillou.

Why Media Team Lead and why @ Active?

I started out as a Media Assistant at Active. After about a year and a half, I was promoted to junior buyer where I started buying Ottawa and then moved on to Calgary and Edmonton.  My next role entailed purchasing Ontario, which eventually translated into Specialty, Network, and finally settled in on French media.  Somewhere along the line I also helped to bring newspaper into the Canadian group.  Over the years, I have been lucky enough to have had at least some experience in multiple media, across all markets.  I believe that through this path, Active was able to provide me with the necessary background to work as Key Account Team Leader.

Most memorable moment at Active so far?

The time I get to spend in Canada, especially Quebec.  I really enjoy being in the different markets and meeting people.  (There might have been a Vegas trip with some our partners that would qualify as an answer for this question, but as the saying goes, “What happens in Vegas….”)

If you weren’t in your current career you would probably be

A touring musician. Without a doubt.

Adjective your family would use to best describe you?

Humorous.  Who doesn’t love to laugh.  Life’s too short.  I’m also the first one that gets blamed for office pranks, whether guilty or not.  I remember as a child, my folks would invite friends over for a couple bottles of wine and stay up late listening to Bill Cosby or Joan Rivers records. (Yes, vinyl records as they didn’t have the 8 track yet).  I would hide on the stairs and listen.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t understand any of the jokes, but I loved listening to the laughter.

Adjective your Customers would use to best describe you?  

Trustworthy or Open.  I’ve been lucky to create some great partnerships with people over the past 11 years, of which so many have translated into great personal friendships.

Adjective your best friend would use to best describe you?

Limitless. Don’t let anything or anyone get in the way of achieving your goals.  Dreams are achieved through hard work, honesty, fearlessness and dedication.

What’s the most innovative thing you’ve seen a customer do to unlock value from their assets?

In the past 11 years, it’s hard to choose just one.  Being able to create win-win situations for media vendors and clients creates a lot of unique opportunities.  Very seldom does one client or vendor have the same needs as another.  There have been a few media vendors that have come to us to help execute a media campaign that exceeded their budgets in exchange for media space on their networks.  I always liked this concept because it creatively enables a vendor to become a client, and vice-versa.  To be able to create partnerships that are meaningful is really what it’s all about.

Favourite Ad of all time? 

My favourite ads were the print ad’s drawn by Norman Rockwell.  He’s one of my all-time favourite artists.  The way he was able to generate a feeling through his art has been unmatched.