Social media changing the CSR landscape

Everywhere you look now companies are trying to do their part to reduce their impact on the world and give back to the people and communities around them. As corporate social responsibility becomes more important to consumers and becomes a basis for them to make purchases and decisions, companies have made it a priority to appeal to the customer in this way. Some ways that companies are trying to get their initiatives out to the public are through the releasing of corporate social responsibility reports along with utilizing social media to reach the masses. And just as social media will start to be used for CSR initiatives it will also start to be used in the opposite direction, for the consumer to help inspire sustainability and corporate change within a firm. Social media has become a great tool for companies and has transformed the way the consumer and companies connect. As it keeps changing it will help stakeholders have a voice in the company, along with giving the company the power to reach their stakeholders and help promote change among the masses. Social media has allowed each person to voice their opinion, and now with a lot of companies using these tools it opens up a new medium for people to communicate with  firms and help inspire change within companies along with requesting new initiatives for corporations to pursue.

Facebook to use real-time ads for mobile phones

Recently Facebook has come into some criticism for their lack of ability to generate revenue on their mobile platforms. This criticism may be turning into praise very soon as it seems that they are almost set to launch a location based mobile ad product that would allow for marketers to advertise on Facebook using the real-time bidding discussed weeks earlier in our Corporate trade Industry Report blog. What this will do is allow marketers to base their ads on the geographic location of their consumers and help target the ads to the most suitable people.  Facebook already uses location based ads on the original Facebook platform but adapting this to the mobile platform has marketers very excited as it seems they have finally started to address the problem coming from the transition of people using Facebook on the mobile platform instead of the original. Once Facebook releases this medium for buying ads it will revolutionize the way marketers will connect to their consumers.

Bell and Astral Deal almost done

In May of this year astral media shareholders voted to approve the acquisition of their TV, radio, and Billboard Company by Bell Media. Both parties agreed to a deal and are now waiting for the CRTC (Canadian Radio and Television Committee) to approve the acquisition. If the deal goes through it will require bell to sell 10 radio stations in 5 markets (Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa and Winnipeg) due to the competition act that limits a company’s presence in individual markets. Bell recently proposed a tangible benefits package that would add over 200 million dollars of value to the Canadian broadcast industry, as a way to see that the deal will go through.  The benefits package included  $96 million going towards the development and production of Canadian programming, $61 million to help support and promote Canadian musical talent, $40 million to make Canadian programming more widely available in the north and $3.5 million to help raise awareness and money to help combat mental health problems. The completion of this deal offers great value to many different industries and causes across Canada and will help Bell become even more competitive in an already challenging and dynamic market.