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For the week ending Feb 25th, we applaud the Canadian airline industry’s new pricing strategy, recognize Canada’s first new tablet exclusive magazine, admire Glamour magazine’s shopable wall in NYC, and weigh-in on a controversial new Facebook application.

Three major Canadian Airlines make the switch to all-inclusive fees.

In January 2012, Calgary-based West Jet launched a new all-inclusive pricing strategy for their fares, and this week two other major Canadian Airlines – Air Canada and Porter Airlines, have also followed suit.  Of the 3, Porter is the only to advertise one easy consolidated price, while the others will show base price & other fees identified separately.  All three airlines are following in the long-standing footsteps of Air Transat, who has advocated such pricing transparency for years.  The changes come hot on the heels of the Canadian federal government announcing upcoming laws to better regulate advertised pricing in the airline industry.

Transparent, easy to understand pricing?  We love!  Kudos to all of the airlines who have adapted this approach ahead of schedule.

AUX TV to launch Canada’s first tablet –excusive magazine this summer.

This summer 2012, AUX TV is launching what claims to be Canada’s first-ever tablet-exclusive magazine: AUX Magazine. The ground-breaking music themed magazine offers advertisers the opportunity to reach the key demographic of adults 18-35 with unique full and multipage units as well as integrated opportunities with AUX content.

Could this really be Canada’s first tablet-only magazine?  While the jury is still out, we can’t wait to download it!

Virtual shopping wall trend travels across the pond.

The idea was born with Tesco in a South Korean subway, followed closely by a similar effort by Procter and Gamble in Prague.  And now, the virtual shopping wall mobile shopping innovation has travelled across the pond to NYC, courtesy of Glamour Magazine. 2D barcode power enables shoppers to scan any beauty product from the wall for home delivery, as they go about their day-to-day.

As companies continue to look for ways to cut costs and optimize real estate… Could this be the future of retail? We wonder how soon until this trend makes its way to Canada … and who will be the first to take the leap?

New Facebook application enables status updates from beyond the grave.

The launch of Facebook’s timeline has brought with it a plethora of new applications.  Among them, the “If I Die” app, allowing users to send messages to their friends from beyond the grave.  No, Facebook hasn’t yet figured out how to bring the internet to the afterlife (afternet?).  Instead, the application will post a pre-recorded message after 3 friends you’ve designated confirm you’re really dead.  The app has sparked a wide array of opinions from the humorous to the morbid.

Our take?   How and when social tools are leveraged is really up to the individual.  The bigger question is: can and should Facebook allow advertisers to target using life events such as these?


Kim @ Active