Last week was the world’s highly anticipated Social Media Week, where some of the  best known international brands, thought-leaders, and social media advocates come out to voice their ideas, and look into their crystal ball for what’s ahead.  Countries around the world including Hamburg, London, Miami, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Washington DC, Tokyo, and Canada’s very own Toronto took part.  And while registration filled up faster than you can say Facebook, Active Canada was able to attend a few of the sessions.

Social Media as an Anchor to GM’s Publicity Tune Up

Among the discussions, we enjoyed listening to Marie Henige, Director of Social Media and Digital Comms for General Motors speak about their social media strategy #smwtogm at the Canadian Autoshow.  GM has certainly had its fair share of negative publicity to overcome, and according to Henige, their investment in social media is moving the dial in the right direction. Most interesting was GM’s use of Google+.  As an organization that issues over 1,000 press releases annually- GM has found a niche in this network as a highly effective media relations tool.

After the session, we were presented with the Totem Bag.  A bag designed by a local Toronto artist, that is actually made from recycled GM billboards from around the city.

We also strolled past some of the gorgeous new vehicles on display for the Autoshow, and have found Active’s next company car.

We also took part in “The Social Media Ref” a passionate debate over today’s hot social media topics between some of Toronto’s top journalists, bloggers and PR pros.  In the spirit of social media we attended via Twitter, following #SMWSocialmediaref.  Below are some of our favourite highlights, as observed and tweeted by the audience:


Did you take part in Social Media Week?  Among the thousands of simultaneous conversations taking place, which did you find most useful?


Kim @ Active